[2017] Mother’s Love and Greeting for the New Year

To the children of Zion, Heavenly Mother New Jerusalem gave words of greeting for 2017. Mother encouraged us to work for the completion of the gospel for the 7 continents, 70 countries, 700 provinces, and 7000 cities of gospel. Also, we could understand how deep Mother’s love is through her words.

Mother’s Love

More than anything else, Mother emphasized that we must work together. Heavenly Mother quoted, “If you want to travel fast, you should go by yourself. But if you want to go a long way, you must go together with others.” This words of Heavenly Mother moved me  a lot. 

Many times I feel comfortable doing things by myself. For instance, I like to go hiking by myself. When I hike with others, sometimes I feel pushed to move quicker because of the partner. Or sometimes I need to slow down. I cannot keep my pace.

However, Mother said that the most important thing is working together for the gospel. Through this words of Heavenly Mother I truly realized that Mother does not want to leave any of her children behind, but take all of them to heaven. And she wants all of us to keep the faith and work for the gospel.

Heavenly Mother's love for the children
A hen with her chicks under her wings

Father and Mother allowed us another year 2017 for the gospel. Especially, this is the 99th year of Christ Ahnsahnghong’s coming to this earth to preach the gospel. 99 is read “goo-goo” in Korean, which is the onomatopoeic sounds of hen calling the chicks.

Matthew 23:37  Jerusalem, Jerusalem, you who kill the prophets and stone those sent to you, how often I have longed to gather your children together, as a hen gathers her chicks under her wings, and you were not willing.

Mother’s Wish for the Year

This year Mother wants to gather all her children to Zion under her wings and take them all to heaven. Let us work harder for the gospel in 2017 to find all our lost brothers and sisters and gather them to Zion. 

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