Arise and shine 2018

The Church of God Holding ‘Arise and Shine 2018’ An International Bible Seminar

Kyunggi Daily 2018.11.01.

Scholars of all the walks of life from all over the world visited Korea and they participated in a seminar in proving the presence of God the Mother in the aspects of science, technology, medical science, and art/culture. This was a seminar named “Arise and Shine 2018” held by World Mission Society Church … Click to read more

The Words of Eternal Life

Spiritually all the humans living on this earth were once angels in heaven. They committed sins against God in heaven and they were cast down to this earth. They live the life of pain and sufferings, and their final destination is death, the sentence they received for the sin in heaven. However, God has had pity and compassion for us and opened the way of salvation to those who believe … Click to read more

Behold the man (ecce homo)!

The Mystery of God

The bible is the book that contains the mystery of God, which is hidden in the bible as parables. Since it is written in the parables, it is not easy to recognize or understand the mystery of God in the bible. However, we have to know the mystery for at least two reasons. First, one does not hide what is not important. Likewise, the mystery of … Click to read more