Remember the LORD Your God

The Story of King Nebuchadnezzar

There is a story of King Nebuchadnezzar in the Book of Daniel. According to one prophecy of Daniel the Kingdom of Babylon is described as gold and also in another prophecy as a lion with an eagle’s wings. All these images were used to represent the glory and the power of the kingdom. And the bible actually says that God allowed great glory and power … Click to read more

Zion the Dwelling of God

The Dwelling Of God

To meet someone the very first thing that we have to know is the place he resides in. We can visit there and we can have a chance to meet him. It is same with God. For God’s people to meet God we have to know the dwelling of God. By visiting there, we can meet God and be blessed by God.

God’s Dwelling in the

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The Prophecies of God

It is agreed by most people, whether they are believers or not, that the bible is the best-selling book ever written in the world. Why is the bible so popular among people? It is because the bible contains the many prophecies about the world and human beings in it.

God’s Plan for the End of the Age

The End of Age Hidden in the Creation of the World

The bible … Click to read more