A Story Of A Tree Frog

In Korea there is a old story of a tree frog.

The frog was very disobedient to the words of his mother when he was young. When his mother told him to do some work, he would go out and play around doing nothing. He did everything in the opposite way as he had been taught by his mother. If his mother said to go right, he would go left. And if his mother said to do work in the barley field, he would go up a mountain for hunting. He was so much disobedient, and his mother gave up on him.


And when the time came for her to end her life on this earth, she was worried about her tomb. If she told her son to prepare her tomb in the high mountain where there was no danger of flooding, she knew that he would make her tomb near the river and when a heavy rain came, her tomb would have been washed away. After thinking for a long time, she called her son and said to him, “My son, it is time for me to leave now. And I have a wish for you to do after my death. My will is to make my tomb next to the river right behind our home. Then I would be happy.”

She made this will just before her death, thinking that he would do it in the opposite way making her tomb on the mountain where she wanted him to do. After his mother’s death, the son finally felt sorry for what he had done while his mother was living and he repented of his old ways. And he wanted to make the will of his mother come true by making a tomb next a river where she told him to do. And he buried his mother next to the river and set up a tomb stone.

But that evening it started to rain. Even the heaven seemed to be sad for the death of the mother frog. It continued to rain several days and the son was alarmed about his mother’s tomb. He was afraid that it might be washed away by the rain. And he started to cry, “Ribbit, Rabbit.” From that time on, when it rains, the frogs cries for the fear that their mother’s tomb might be washed away in the rain: “What should I do, ribbit? My mother’s tomb would be washed away, ribbit?”


When I think of this story, I feel sorry for my mother and father and also my spiritual Father and Mother. It seems that the story was given to me to show me how disobedient son I must have been to my parents. I would like to repent when I still have some time.

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