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A Good Story: The House In Heaven

A rich man went to heaven.
He looked around here and there and he found a beautiful house and said to the angel, “Who is the owner of the house?”
“This is the house of the one who was working as servant at your house?”
The rich man was surprised at the angel’s answer.
“How that could be!!” He said, “How could he have such a nice house as this … Click to read more

Movie Demolition: Can You Fix Broken Things?

This movie, “Demolition” gave many things to think about. It is a story of a very successful banker who experiences deconstruction of all the things he once knew after the death of his wife. Out of shock for the death of his wife in a car accident, he starts to disassemble broken things. He starts to demolish malfunctioning things in the notion that if you can disassemble everything completely, then … Click to read more

Lost Time of 30 Years-A Song

This is the song sung during the TV program, “Finding Family Scattered.” This song tells stories of the second generation who was living during the 1980s about 30 years after the war without reuniting with their family members and who finally could meet their family members. Even though the younger generation or the siblings could meet together, but many of the previous generation died during the 30 year time period … Click to read more

King Solomon’s Ring Of Wisdom

Life on this earth is truly filled with many tears and sorrows, pains and sufferings. King Solomon with his wisdom knew clearly that everything on this earth is impermanent and will pass away quickly. Even though he had riches, wisdom, knowledge, power, wives, whatever a man desire after more than anyone on this earth, but still he did not lose his wisdom and knew that all these things are evanescent

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Two women were walking together talking about the creation work of God and one woman started to say, “I can’t understand the some part of the creation work. Think about this. The sparrow is very small, but has wings. It does not need to go here and there fast to get food. It can get food quickly without moving to many different places with its wings because its stomach is … Click to read more

Two Friends And A Camel

There were two friends and they had completely different opinions about the religious matters. The one said that there is no God and the other said there is God. When the other tried to prove the existence of God, the one always argued back by saying, “Good, but show me the God if he exist. If you cannot show me, try not to persuade me.” One day they were traveling … Click to read more

Shalom! Peace Upon You!

Matthew 10:12 And when you enter into the house, give that household your “Shalom (or peace)!”

The most common Jewish greeting is to say, “Shalom!” which means “Peace upon you!” Similarly in Korea we also greet each other saying, “Did you have peace last night?” The western style greetings such as handshake or salute also originated to mean peace. Then why do people throughout the world have a similar way of … Click to read more