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Truth of the new covenant

The Passover And The Greatest Commandment

There are many teachings of God in the bible and Jesus summarized the teaching into two commands that we should keep to enter into the eternal life. Then what are the two greatest commandments we must keep? And How can we keep those greatest commandments?

Two Commands For Eternal Life

When asked by an expert in the law of the way of eternal life, Jesus answered:

Luke 10: 25  On

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The Temple And The Water Of Life

Temple and Water Of Life–In the book of Ezekiel, the bible describes that the living water is flowing out from the temple of God in Jerusalem. The water of life first flows into the Jordan River and later into the Dead Sea. As we can see through the name “the Dead Sea,” the sea was once dead, but as soon as the living water flows into it, it starts … Click to read more

The Judgment With Stone

Stoning or lapidation is a capital punishment carried out by throwing stones on a criminal to put him to death. This is one of the most ancient ways of the capital punishment and also we can see some laws and examples related to this type of execution in the bible.

Stoning in the Old Testament

The Law of Moses specifies about the crimes and the proportionate punishment for those crimes. In … Click to read more

Sin Is Lawlessness

According to the bible, all of us are called sinners who received the death penalty because of the sin we committed.

Romans 5:12 Therefore, just as sin entered the world through one man, and death through sin, and in this way death came to all men, because all sinned.

Nobody is free from sin and everyone is a sinner. Again, David said:

Psalms 14:1    Only fools think there

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I Came In My Father’s Name

What is the name of God that we must know to be saved? Many believes that it is through the name Jesus we can be saved and he is the true Savior. Then why do people believe like that? It is because the bible says that the name of Jesus is the name of Savior and we must accept and believe in.

Jesus, the Name of God

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The Race That We Must Finish

Our life of faith is often compared to a running race that we must run through to win the crown of life. Let us think about the mindset we should have to finish the race given to us graciously even to the end.

A Person who Runs a Race

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The Whole World Under Darkness Without A Light

What if there is no light in the world? It would not be hard to imagine what the life would be like for the living things? They will all be like the blind, feeling the way with their fingers and stumbling and falling down by a small stones sticking out from the ground and being fallen into a prey for wild animals. The life would be unimaginably hard and difficult … Click to read more

All Men Are Like Grass

Autumn is a wonderful season. It gives us many things to ponder about. All the green grasses, plants, and tree which gave the sense of life to us during the spring and summer withers and dies. The grass in the field loses its color and freshness of life and turns to whitish brown, making crumbling noises when stepped on. And the trees shed all the beautiful decorations they had during … Click to read more

Something Good In Us

Many people in this world deplore about things happening around us and truly many dishonorable and disreputable things are happening around us to convince people that what they are saying is true. Everything is decentralized and there seems to be nothing we can trust in or depend on. The standard for everything is brought down to the effect that there seems to be no clear distinction between good or bad, … Click to read more

Who Are The False Prophets?

The role of a leader is very important because his decision affects all the people in the group, not only himself. Through a good decision a leader makes, everyone in the group can receive a benefit, vice versa. It is the same spiritually. God has set up leaders among his people so that they would lead people into the way of God. Those chosen by God to lead people are … Click to read more