Elohim, The Mystery Of God

What is the mystery of God in the bible? It is the Christ because our salvation depends on the Christ who was to appear on this earth. The reason he is considered a mystery is because no one can recognize the Christ in the worldly point of view. The biggest mystery among all the mysteries of the bible is God Elohim who would appear in the last days to give us eternal life.

The Old Testament of the bible is recorded originally in the Hebraic language and in the Hebrew language one of the words used to refer to God is “Elohim,” which was used 2,500 times throughout the Old Testament. This referent, Elohim is the most common word used to mean God. If we just look at the Genesis 1, we can see how many times the word “Elohim” is used to mean God. Listen to this Hebrew reading of Genesis 1.

Then what is so mysterious about a name of God? It is because contrary to the public opinion Elohim is not God in the singular form, but Gods in plural form. It means when God was creating the world and everything in it, God was not working by himself, but there was another entity who was working together with God the Father. Let us confirm this through the reading of Genesis 1:26 and 27.

Why is Elohim (God) using “us” and “our” to represent God? If God is singular and Father alone, then he should say, “Let me make man in my image and in my likeness.” Why is God referring himself as “us” and “our” in the plural form? The secret is in the word Elohim. In the Hebrew word, the singular form of God is “El” or “Elo(a)h,” which means God in the singular form and the plural form of God is “Elim” or “Elohim,” which means Gods literally.

You might say, “Does it make any difference if it is singular or plural?” The answer is “It does make all the difference.” To have knowledge of God is the basic condition of salvation. Even though there are many gods and many lords in the world, the true Savior and true God is one. And that one God is call himself as “us” and “our.” In the bible nothing is meaningless, and everything has meaning. Even a singular or plural form has meaning in it. For example, let us take a look at Paul’s words:

Gal 3:16  16 The promises were spoken to Abraham and to his seed. Scripture does not say “and to seeds,” meaning many people, but “and to your seed,” meaning one person, who is Christ.

Even though Abraham had two sons or seeds, Ishmael and Isaac, the one who received the promise of God was one son or seed, Isaac, who represents Christ. The singular and plural form is essential to understand the meaning of Abraham’s seed, who would become his heir. All these were working as prophecies to teach us God’s heir. If we don’t not care if it is singular or plural, we completely misunderstand the salvation work of God. It is the same with Elohim. To understand if God is one or two, or singular or plural is essential for the salvation. If someone firmly believes God is one (even though God is two), he would not be able to accept God when he appears as two forms, and if someone believes that God is two (even though he is one), he would have to wait meaninglessly to the end without receiving salvation.

Then is God one or two? The answer is in man who was given God’s image. Man was created to reveal the image of God, and the man was created into two images, male and female, or Adam and Eve. And the creation of man shows us the invisible image of God as male and female, Father and Mother. According to the Romans 5 Adam was created to teach us the male image of Christ or God the Father coming as man in the flesh.

Both Adam and Eve were created in the invisible image of God. Since they are the copy of the image of God, through them we can conclude that God has two images too, that is, male and female, or God the Father and God the Mother.

Romans 5:14   Nevertheless, death reigned from the time of Adam to the time of Moses, even over those who did not sin by breaking a command, as did Adam, who was a pattern of the one to come.

Adam was created to teach us about the Christ, first coming and second, who represent male image of Elohim, Gods. Then who does Eve represent, who was given the female image of Elohim? She was created to show Adam’s wife or female image of Christ. In short, Adam is Christ in the male image and Eve is Christ in the female image who would come and appear in the last days: the Spirit and the Bride in the book of Revelation 22:17. The Spirit is the Christ who is coming as Adam for the second time and his bride is Elohim Mother who would appear as Adam’s bride or his wife.

Many says that the bride is the saints. But Father Ahnsahnghong clearly taught in one of his sermon explaining the Revelation 21 and 22 that the bride in the book is not plural, but singular. If the bride is saints, it should be recorded as brides in the plural form, not bride in its singular form, which means the bride is NOT saints. Just as many tried to deceive people from recognizing God the Father who came down to this earth in the flesh, and in the same way there are many who try to deceive people from know God the Mother the Last Eve who would appear in the last days to give us the water of life. To understand the deepest mystery in the bible, we must depend on the words of God in the bible, not on the teachings coming from man’s opinion.

The bible truly testifies that the Spirit and the Bride would appear to give us salvation. They are God Elohim, Father and Mother working together even from the beginning in the book of Genesis to the very end until all God’s people receive the salvation and eternal life in Heaven!!

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