Haha! I Can Tell A Good Steak!

There was an argument between a football columnist and a coach about a goalie. The columnist once has been considered as one of the keen-eyed critics in the field of football or soccer in a more region-specific term. Even though he was a very successful critic, when he tried to put his knowledge into practice by becoming a coach himself, it was a total failure. In just a couple of months later he was laid out, which became a stain in his career.

This columnist was criticizing a goalie in a English football club. This aroused a heated argument between the columnist and the coach of the team about his qualification to evaluate a player considering his failure in selecting  good players as coach. So the coach of the team defended his player saying that the guy has no ability to judge a player is good or bad. If he had, he wouldn’t have failed himself when he was leading a team as coach.

For this criticism, he gave an excellent comment to prove that he has a qualification to make a judgment for a football player and his comment is true:

Haha. I’m not a chef but I know a good steak!

I think it is so witty a comment which can be turned into your own!

Haha. I’m not a columnist but I know a good column!
Haha. I’m not an artist but I know a good art!
Haha. I’m not a musician but I know a good music!
Haha. I’m not a doctor but I know a sick person!

Haha. I know. I know.

Somehow I think this comment is very appropriate to describe the world we live in. There are so many people claiming that they know about this and about that! When they fight like this, we can laugh about their sincerity and devotion for the things they are doing even though it come to cause more arguments.

Haha. I’m not a listener but I have ears.

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