[WMSCOG] Heavenly Parents’ Day 2017

About A Recently Released New Song

Heavenly Parents’ Day for the year of 2017 was held on May 14 at Go-And-Come Institute in Ok-Cheon for the male adult members, youth and student members under the grace of Heavenly Mother. This was a special occasion designed for the members who cannot participate in the celebration of Heavenly Parents’ Day on May 18 due to their job.

This celebration was held to commemorate the teaching of Christ Ahnsahnghong who revealed the true God the Mother on this day before his ascension. In this celebration, Mother mentioned about a piece of New Song which was composed recently, which is titled, “I am sorry for not understanding your wounded feeling.” Mother said that each New Song is allowed to us by God to teach us what we should know in the time frame we are living in.

Heavenly Mother’s Message For the Celebration

Mother taught us by giving a living example of the meaning of the new song. For the greeting of the celebration, she started by saying sorry to all the members who attended the event. She started to say sorry to the male adult members, youth members, student members, pastoral members and their wives. She said sorry to all of them for not comforting them enough and not having much time to listen to them and encourage them.

After listening to this message everybody in the hall was deeply moved and felt truly sorry to Heavenly Father and Mother. Even though we were the one to be blamed for all the sufferings and pains we are going through, and even though Father and Mother have already done more than enough to us these undeserving sinners, she kept saying “I am sorry. I am sorry.” They have already sacrificed unfathomably for these sinners on this earth. They left the glorious heaven. They came down to this earth. And they sacrificed themselves for us even to the point of death.

Our Resolution

After listening to Mother’s message, we came to realize again how deep the love of Mother is and how wretched sinners we are. And also we could realize how severe the pain of Mother would be missing all her children. All the children who listened to the message of Mother could not raise up their head  because of the shame they felt in their heart.

I repeated in my mind over and over again that I would not commit sin anymore. I will leave the way of sin and walk in the way of God. And also I determined to work for the gospel by finding our lost brothers and sisters to put an end to the suffering of Mother.

All the children of God who serve the Ark of Covenant, please forgive each other and humble to each other. Say sorry to each other for the wrongs we have done to each other. Now let go of the arrogant mind and get united with ONE mind and ONE heart, the heart of Mother. And let us work for the gospel!!

I am sorry, Brothers and Sisters, for the wrong things I have done to you. We love you. God bless you. BGF!!

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