A Story: A Right Answer

A student was working hard to prepare for a math test. But however much he tried, he could not understand anything. Moreover, the test was right next day. So he went to bed with his mind much disturbed by the test. Before laying himself down, he prayed to God so that he would get good score.

Right Answer in exam
Stressed student sitting in a classroom at a table while doing a test

Now the next day, he took the test. When he looked at the test sheet, however, he could not understand any of the questions. He was so much disappointed, but he did not want to just give up. He was thinking hard about what to write. Finally, his face brightened up and quickly he wrote down something on the answer sheet. And it read:


When the math teacher looked at the answer, he showed the answer sheet to other teachers around him. And they discussed whether the answer was correct or not. There was a heated debate among them about the answer. After a long and tiresome discussion, finally they could reach an agreement and the math teacher wrote down the score for the answer like this:

God: A+
You: F

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