A Story: A True Miracle

This is what actually happened in a world history class. The teacher of the class once had a chance to study the history of the Jews when they come out of Egypt. She did not believed in God and the bible, and she said in a discrediting way that the biblical description of the crossing of the Red Sea is completely untrue. To prove her points, she mentioned about the origin of the Red Sea and the name was originally “the Sea of Reeds,” and just as the reeds are growing in a shallow water, the part of the Red Sea the Israelites crossed was very shallow and the water reached only up to ankle. That is why it was possible even for a kid to cross the water.

While she was explaining in that way, one of the students of the class said, “Amen” in a loud voice. He was believing in God and the bible. The Teacher got surprised and looked at the student and asked, “What did you say “Amen” for?” The Student replied in a confident voice. “It was because I saw the true miracle of God in your story.” The teacher who tried to discredit the bible got shocked and asked if he could explain the reason. And the student said, “If the water of the Red Sea the Jews crossed was so shallow that even the little kids could cross, how could all the warriors and soldiers of Egyptians who must have been all grown-ups and all the horses of the armies could get drowned in the water. If that happened, I can conclude it was only the work of God. God is the only one who could drown all the Egyptian armies in that shallow water. It is a true miracle of God.”

After listening to the explanation of the student, the teacher could not say anything. How gracious is God giving wisdom to a young man like him to silence the wisdom of man!

true miracle in history class
Egyptian Chariot Remains under the Red Sea
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