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Following Christ’s Examples

People’s Craze for the Things they Like

BTS and Movie “Parasite”

Today BTS has become a great fad around the world. The members of ARMY the BTS fan club try to follow what the idol group does. They try to resemble the idols they love, eating the same food, going to the same movie, imitating the same gestures such as fingerhearts and some dance moves, and most of all they … Click to read more

[WMSCOG] Prophecies Of Christ Coming For The Second Time

Christ in Greek and Messiah in Hebrew means the same thing, that is, “the Anointed One.” If you look at the history of Israel, three types of people could be anointed with holy oil, namely, the king, the high priest, and the prophet.

Anointing Ceremony and its Meaning

Exodus 29:7 Take the anointing oil and anoint him by pouring it on his head.

Aaron was anointed in this way to … Click to read more

[WMSCOG] Born Again Into A New Life

Many of the Christians say that they are a born-again Christians. Whether they know the meaning of it or not, Christians knows that they must be born again to go to the kingdom of heaven. That is why Christians call themselves as a born-again Christian. Then what is the meaning of “Born-Again”? In the time of Jesus, there was a man who wanted to know how to be born again … Click to read more