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Congratulations, The World Mission Society Church Of God

The World Mission Society Church of God or WMSCOG received the highest and greatest award for volunteer works in the United Kingdom.

As you can see above the name of the award is The Queen’s Golden Jublilee Award for the voluntary works. The World Mission Society Church of God was selected as winner and as representative for the church General Pastor Joo-Cheol Kim was invited to the Garden Party held … Click to read more

The Bright Light Shining From The WMSCOG

I read a news article which compliments the work of churches of God around the world. The churches of God throughout the world are shining the glory of the heavenly Father and Mother through many volunteer activities to change the society with the love of God Elohim. Now even the general public are recognizing the efforts of the church of God and give its right recommendations throughout the world. On

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