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King Solomon’s Ring Of Wisdom

Life on this earth is truly filled with many tears and sorrows, pains and sufferings. King Solomon with his wisdom knew clearly that everything on this earth is impermanent and will pass away quickly. Even though he had riches, wisdom, knowledge, power, wives, whatever a man desire after more than anyone on this earth, but still he did not lose his wisdom and knew that all these things are evanescent

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Two women were walking together talking about the creation work of God and one woman started to say, “I can’t understand the some part of the creation work. Think about this. The sparrow is very small, but has wings. It does not need to go here and there fast to get food. It can get food quickly without moving to many different places with its wings because its stomach is … Click to read more

Two Friends And A Camel

There were two friends and they had completely different opinions about the religious matters. The one said that there is no God and the other said there is God. When the other tried to prove the existence of God, the one always argued back by saying, “Good, but show me the God if he exist. If you cannot show me, try not to persuade me.” One day they were traveling … Click to read more

The Voice Contest between a Lion and a Blackbird

A blackbird challenged a lion to have a voice contest. “My voice is stronger and more powerful than yours,” said the blackbird. But the lion did not care about the blackbird. The blackbird kept flying back to the lion and annoyed him so much that he agreed to accept the challenge.

Finally, the two of them stood next to each other and shouted with all their might. First, the lion … Click to read more