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What Is The True Wisdom?

King Solomon praised about gaining wisdom.

Proverb 4:7   Wisdom is supreme—so acquire wisdom, and whatever you acquire, acquire understanding!

Solomon was the King of Wisdom so whatever he said must have come out of his great wisdom and we should think in the same way. Therefore, we also must make effort to gain wisdom and understanding. But then what is the true wisdom that we must gain? This is a tricky … Click to read more

[WMSCOG] I Boast About My Weakness

In this world it is hard to find a person who boast about their weaknesses or foolishness. Rather, people do boast about many things such as their wisdom, their power, their money, etc. However humble a person may be, still he or she has a couple of relatives or friends who they can boast about. That is why when somebody’s name is mentioned honorably, the one who is related to … Click to read more


2000 years ago, God himself came down to this earth in the flesh and dwelt among his people. Even though there were many wise men, scholars, and philosophers in those days, nobody could recognize the Christ and receive him. If they could, they would have received the salvation and eternal life in heaven. Rather they rejected him and persecuted him, calling him as a man who claimed to be God. … Click to read more