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Mother, The Source of Living Water

Christ And Living Water

The bible teaches about the salvation in many ways. And the most common way used to express salvation is the parable of living water. Just as water is an essential thing in physical life, God teaches us that we must drink the spiritual water to have a spiritual life, eternal life.  Then what is the spiritual water we must take in and what is the source … Click to read more

The Whole World Under Darkness Without A Light

What if there is no light in the world? It would not be hard to imagine what the life would be like for the living things? They will all be like the blind, feeling the way with their fingers and stumbling and falling down by a small stones sticking out from the ground and being fallen into a prey for wild animals. The life would be unimaginably hard and difficult … Click to read more

All Men Are Like Grass

Autumn is a wonderful season. It gives us many things to ponder about. All the green grasses, plants, and tree which gave the sense of life to us during the spring and summer withers and dies. The grass in the field loses its color and freshness of life and turns to whitish brown, making crumbling noises when stepped on. And the trees shed all the beautiful decorations they had during … Click to read more

[WMSCOG] The Tree Of Life And Ten Commandments

In Genesis, God created the Garden of Eden and planted the Tree of Life in the middle and He gave free access to the tree to Adam and Eve so that they could eat from the tree and have eternal life. But when they ate from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, disobeying the words of God, they could not eat from the Tree of Life and they … Click to read more