The Bright Light Shining From The WMSCOG

I read a news article which compliments the work of churches of God around the world. The churches of God throughout the world are shining the glory of the heavenly Father and Mother through many volunteer activities to change the society with the love of God Elohim. Now even the general public are recognizing the efforts of the church of God and give its right recommendations throughout the world. On February 15 this year, one religion columnist from the Sunday Newspaper in Korea wrote an article about the churches of God. It reads:

Bright Light From WMSCOG
Bright Light Shining From WMSCOG

The churches in Korea are in the time of crisis. The public recognition on the church is growing weaker and the number of members are decreasing conspicuously compared to other religions. Moreover, churches in Korea are criticized by the public because of the dishonesty of some leading overseers of the churches, and the words and acts of the leaders and members of the churches which do not conform to the teachings of Christ. The shameful behaviors of the leaders of the protestant churches cover the front pages of the newspaper everyday……..

Churches should worry about the things happening in the society, but today the public are worried about things that are happening in the churches. Even though this abnormal phenomenon in the churches makes the Christians sad, the decades of the gospel work of the World Mission Society Church of God which is working with the motto of “the salvation of the 70 billion people” makes the Church of God prominent and provide the bright light of hope against the deary backdrop of the general Korean churches.

What is the love of God which the saints of the church of God want to resemble? The church of God is known to believe in God the Mother as well as God the Father. “As a mother gives love without any limit for the children, God the Mother gives endless love and sacrifice for the life and salvation of all the people of the world” and the saints of the church want to learn and follow such love of God the Mother….

I feel truly satisfied at seeing the churches of God spreading in Korea and all throughout the world. In the middle of spiritual chaos caused by the faction inside a church, social and political struggles of a church outside the boundary of the spiritual life, the lawlessness of religious leaders, and insubstantial arguments to cover the lack of the knowledge of the bible, is there any other church which march toward the great vision of ‘the salvation of the 70 billion people’?

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15 thoughts on “The Bright Light Shining From The WMSCOG”

  1. WMSCOG is the church which we can not see these days. People imagine the churches of Korea have dishonesty and let their eyes winkle when they talk about it. In this aspect, WMSCOG is so special because people want that WMSCOG come and set on their village. Some people even wonder when WMSCOG set nearby them as if a child who is wating their mother and her love.

    1. As mentioned, Church of God is so special! It’s because only Church of God was built by God who has come a second time and there is truth. Therefore I am so proud of this in Korea.

  2. That is already prophesied God’s glory would be spread in whole world and many people would come to God the father and God the mother. It is so incredible that it is fullfilled.

  3. Saints in the churches are deceasing but the members of Church of God are increasing. It’s because there is truth and God who brought us the truth. I’m so proud of our Church!! Please come and visit us!!

  4. Indeed, the WMSCOG is the only church which genuinely practices the teachings of God and follows the Bible. Hope it continues to shine the light of God so that it can be the real hope in this spiritual dark world.

  5. Welcome to Church of God!
    In the Church of God, there is God the Father and there also is God the Mother. And then there are many truth of early churches.

  6. WMSCOG is the perfect church that meets the image of the church that people usually thought about what is true church.

  7. The Church of God was built by God the Father and Mother with Theirblove and sacrifice. So its members try to share God’s love to society. Moreover, they practise God’s feasts in the Bible while other churches keep man-made rules such as Sunday worship and X-mas. So it is the true church!

  8. There is something special about the Church of God like “only church” believing Both God the Father and God the Mother,”only place” where the New Covenant feasts are celebrated including the Passover and only church members who received “M.B,E” title….

  9. Amen! There are so many amazing things that the Church of God does. One of them is to keep the truth of the early church. No church in this era keeps the truth of the early church. They are doing false doctrines made by man in the church. However, the Church of God completely denies them and only does the truth of God. I am so proud of the Church of God! God bless you🙂

  10. It has been printed that the Church of God is recognized from Media not only Government of USA n UK even KOREA. Great!!

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