The Voice Contest between a Lion and a Blackbird

A blackbird challenged a lion to have a voice contest. “My voice is stronger and more powerful than yours,” said the blackbird. But the lion did not care about the blackbird. The blackbird kept flying back to the lion and annoyed him so much that he agreed to accept the challenge.

Finally, the two of them stood next to each other and shouted with all their might. First, the lion roared at the top of his voice, which made the mountain shake and all the animals around the mountain fled silently and hid themselves as quickly as possible making no noise at all. And next the blackbird sang with the fullest volume of his voice and said, “Chirp, Chirp,” which was no match for the voice of the lion.

The lion said to the blackbird, “Now you can see whose voice is stronger?” But the blackbird challenged again and said, “Let us go and find out.” So they crossed over a mountain and asked animals there. “Did you hear the lion’s voice?” All the animals said, “Yes, we heard.” And the lion asked them, “how about the blackbird? Did hear his voice?” And all the animals also said, “Yes, we clearly heard.”

So they decided to travel further away to find out who was the winner. Now they crossed over five mountains and asked animals there if they heard the voice of a lion. Some animals with keen ears said yes, but others said no. But for the blackbird all the animals said that they heard clearly the voice of a blackbird.

Now they decided to go farther so that they could know who had stronger voice. After crossing over ten moutains, they asked animals there if they heard the voice of a lion. All the animals said that they did not hear any sound of a lion. And the lion asked the animals there if they heard the voice of a blackbird. Surprisingly enough, all the animals said, “Yes, we clearly heard a blackbird’s voice.”

a blackbird

The blackbird held up his head high and proudly sang at the top of his voice, “pippip~~pip.” The lion was at a loss and he went back to his home disappointed. Now do you know how this could be possible?

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