Two Friends And A Camel

There were two friends and they had completely different opinions about the religious matters. The one said that there is no God and the other said there is God. When the other tried to prove the existence of God, the one always argued back by saying, “Good, but show me the God if he exist. If you cannot show me, try not to persuade me.” One day they were traveling in the desert and could not find a place to rest for the night. So they set up a tent and spent the night in the desert. When they woke up in the morning, they could not find their camel which was tied near the tent. The stake was there, but the rope was unloosed. The camel must have run away because they could not see any camel as far as their sight could reach.

camel foot print에 대한 이미지 검색결과
Camel’s Foot Print. By merely looking at the footprints we can know many things such as who, when, where, etc. How about God? God left his footprints everywhere, but we refuse to accept.

Suddenly the one who believed that there is no God exclaimed and shouted, “I found it. I found it.” The other ran toward him and asked, “Where is it?” “Look. There are marks for its footprints,” said the one. “What are you talking about?” said the other, “These are not the camel. Show me the camel.” The one got annoyed and said, “See, there are footprints and if we follow these, we can find the camel.” At that time, the other said, “By merely looking at the footprints left by a camel, you know that there is a camel which left its marks on the sand. Then how come you can say that there is no God even though you can see His footprints everywhere you look: in the sun and moon, in the wind and land and see, birds, fish, animals… Everything teaches us that there is one who created all these things. Then after witnessing all these footprints, how can you say that there is no God?”

The one could not say anything after that.

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