Adam And Eve: Who Is The True Life Source?

Something You Cannot Do and Something You Don’t Do

In this article I would like to show that we can receive eternal life through God the Mother. People sometimes argue about many things in their relationship with others. However, most of the topic for the arguments are for things that they are not doing even though they can do them if they try. On the other hand, people seldom or even never argue about something that they cannot do.

For example, a person can rebuke the other for not trying hard enough to learn to swim. However no one will blame the other for not swimming and living under water like a fish. It is because living like a fish under water is simply impossible for man. For the same reason, a person will not scold another for not flying like a bird even though the same person might admonish another for not learn to fly a plane.

Man and Woman

It is the same with a man and woman. A husband and wife might argue for many things such as for not doing house chores, or not spending much time with family, etc. However, a wife will not blame her husband for not having a child or being incapable of being pregnant. It is because having a child is simply an impossible thing for man to do.

When God created Adam and Eve, God created Eve as helper for Adam. Then what kind of help could Eve give to Adam? For something Adam don’t do even though he can do. No at all. Eve was created for something that Adam CANNOT do even though he might want to do. That was simply impossible for Adam to do. What Adam was incapable of was “child-birth.” And for this purpose God created Eve who could give life to children.

Eternal Life Through God the Mother

The bible says that Adam and Eve was created to teach the invisible image of God so that we may know God to receive salvation. According to the bible God created man according to the invisible image of God. (Gen 1:26-27) In other words, Adam was created to show God the Father. (Rom 5:14) Then what was Eve created for?

The only life-giver Eve (or the Mother of all the living) was created to represent God the Mother. According to the will of God, it was only through Eve that the life for children can be given. In the same way, through this Eve in creation, God wanted to teach us the spiritual Eve who would give life to the children of God.

God the Mother in the Last Day

The Bible teaches that God the Mother would appear in the last day to give us the spiritual life. God the Father could have eagerly given us eternal life if he could. However, the life-giving through only Father was simply impossible in the will of God. That is why Jesus God the Father said that he would grant life at the last day. (John 6:39, 40, 44, 54)

In the last day, we should know God the Mother. We can receive the water of eternal life through God the Mother only. (Revelation 22:17)

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