This is a short history of the World Mission Society Church of God since its beginning in 1964. WMSCOG  was established by Christ Ahnshanghong in 1964, who came to the earth for the second time according to the prophecies.

Mission History

Even though it has a short history, it has left many deep impressions for the society and world. In the beginning, it started as small churches in Korea. However, through the work of God to fulfill the prophecies it quickly spread throughout Korea in 1980s and 90s.

With the start of a new millenium, the church started to preach the new covenant of the Passover to other nations. For this purpose, the church sent many prophets and many members participated in the mission trips. With the help of God, the chruch could establish 2500 churches over 175 countries of the world.

Awards From Various Organization

Along with the mission work, they also have work for the better of the local community on establishing a local church. They have initiated many volunteer and community works. As result, the church could receive many awards from the local and national government. They received awards from Obama, the US President, from Korean Presidents, and many organizations.

Especially, in 2016 the church could receive one of the most prestigious award for the voluntary work, the Queen’s Award for Volunteer Services from Queen Elizabeth II. Along with the Award, it received a title MBE, which entitles it to be a member of the British Empire.


Most recently, unprecedently for a church, the General Pastor of WMSCOG participated in UN CERF conference and gave a speech. In the speech, he introduced the WMSCOG to the delegates of nations as representative of God’s Kingdom. He let them know the Second Coming Christ and Heavenly Mother who came to save us.