What Is Imprinted In Us

Salmon and Homing Instinct

First, it is hatched in the shallow freshwater and later it goes out into the ocean. For two years or more, it stays in the ocean migrating all around the vast seas. Finally, when it is the time for them to lay eggs, they make a long journey back to their home to the shallow freshwater where they were hatched many years ago. This is the story of salmons.

What is amazing in their life story is the way they find their way back home. Once a man found a salmon among a group of salmons which were heading back upward the river to their home. What was strange about it was that it had unusually protruded eyes and he sent it to scientists for study. And they have found out nothing wrong with it except that it had very poor eyesight. How could a salmon with eyes almost blind travel around the oceans and find its way back home?

It is said that salmons have a technology in it through which it can find the exact direction to the place it was born, what is called “homing instinct”. It is assumed that salmons can find their way home through two mechanisms. First, people say that they imprint the smell of the environment where they were born and later the ocean near their birth place. And also they said to use the earth’s magnetic field to find the way.

Pigeons and Magnetite

This kind of homing instinct can be found in birds too. Many migratory birds has a certain substance in its neurons in the brain and through this they can find their way home. This phenomenon is called “magnetoreception” since those birds use the magnetic field of the earth to find direction. One of the birds with this amazing technology in it is a pigeon. Scientists says that a pigeon has a sensor which uses “magnetite”-“a magnetic iron mineral that could act as tiny compass needles”. This mineral contained in the neurons of the brain of the bird makes it possible for the bird to find its way home in whatever circumstances it is.

What Is Imprinted In Us

God has imprinted an ability to find the way back home to these creatures. It is the same with us. God has imprinted in us something that we can find our way back home.

Ecclesiastes 3:11 He has made everything beautiful in its time. He has also set eternity in the human heart; yet no one can fathom what God has done from beginning to end.

On this earth everything has its time and it looks glorious at that time. However, sooner or later its glory vanishes and it dies. As human beings, we cannot be satisfied with this temporary glory. We all have yearning for the better. And the bible teaches the reason for those yearnings. It is because God has imprinted in us “eternity”. Since we have eternity in our hearts, we can never be satisfied with the temporary things of the earth. And we yearn for a better country, our eternal home. We are created to long for the eternal home, the kingdom of heaven.

When we are wanderers on this earth without knowing where to go, Christ Ahnsahnghong and Heaven Mother came to us. They taught us about our home heaven and opened the way to the eternal home. Now I know how happy I am to know what I have been seeking for. Thanks to Father and Mother.