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Homeward Bound: The Story of Salmon

A Story Of Salmon

Journey to Heaven–A salmon is anadromous, which means it can adapt to both freshwater and saltwater environment. After spending a couple of years in the freshwater during the time of fry, they make their journey to the ocean to live the rest of their life in the saltwater. This process is called ‘smoltification’. During this period, they go through huge changes in the internal functions … Click to read more

[WMSCOG] Living Or Dead?

Living Or Dead

“Remember, a dead fish can float downstream, but it takes a live one to swim upstream.”
― W.C. Fields

Hardships And Sufferings

Living or Dead–We are living the life of hardships and difficulties on this earth. Physically, we have to go through many difficult situations. Spiritually, it is the same. Rather the bible teaches us that it is mandatory for us to have sufferings and persecutions … Click to read more

Cactus Faith In The Spiritual Desert

When the Israelites started the journey to the land of Canaan promised by God, they had to go through many different situations. Sometimes they had to suffer hunger and thirst, and also they had to make a long and seemingly endless journey in the desert without any expectation that they would finish the journey soon. In the time of test in the desert, instead of overcoming the hardships and sufferings … Click to read more