Christ Coming As Melchizedek

Christ Who is Coming as Melchizedek

The bible teaches the Second Coming Christ in many ways. One of such ways is through the figures in the Old Testament. Christ in Greek or Messiah in Hebrew both originally means “an anointed one,” which means he comes to be anointed. Accordcing to the Law of Moses three types of people got anointed: High Priest, King, and Prophet. Through this title we can figure out that Christ comes as king, prophet, and high priest when he comes on this earth.

Christ Ahnsahnghong coming as Melchizedek
The Passover and Melchizedek

First, he comes as a king like David, the second king of Israel to give laws of the new covenant and rules over the people of God. (Luke 1:31) Second, he should come as a prophet like Moses to lead his people out of the land of spiritual slavery and lead them to the land of Canaan, the heaven. (Act 3:22) Third, he also comes as high priest like Melchizedek (Hebrews 5:8) to mediate for the sins of God’s people so that they can receive the forgiveness of sins.

How can we know the Christ who is coming as Melchizedek? What kind of blessings are given to the people who receive the spiritual Melchizedek? How can we receive the blessings of his priesthood? These are all essential questions we must ask and know the answers of to receive the Christ.

In the following links you can find some of the essential information about the Christ who is coming as Melchizedek. I hope you read the contents carefully and accept the Christ who is coming as Melchizedek and receive the salvation.