The reason that I have to change first

Recently I heard a very enlightening sermon from the General Pastor of the Church of God. In the sermon he was illustrating how important it is for us to be changed rather than wait for the situation and circumstances to change.

In math any number multiplied with zero becomes zero. 1 multiplied with 0 is 0. The same is true to all other numbers such as 10, 100, 1000, etc. The cause that leads to this result is the number zero. This can be applied to us spiritually. When we work, we cannot achieve any good result even though the situations and circumstances are good around us when we are like zero.

Even though we have many good things around us such as good family, good friends, good education, etc., if we are like zero and do nothing, we cannot produce any good results. On the contrary, even though the circumstances surrounding us are just 1, if we are like 10, or 100, we can produce good results.

Waterlily lives in the middle of mud, but it blooms the most beautiful flower. We also should overcome the unfavorable circumstances and situations.

This sermon gave a precious lesson to me. When we want to complain about our circumstances, we have to think about this lesson. Even though the situations around me is not that good, if I work hard and if I am changed becoming 10, 100, or even 1000 or more, then I can produce many good results. Therefore, we have to make effort to change ourselves first. Then we can bear many good fruits even in unfavorable situations.

Thanks to Father and Mother for the precious lesson.