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The Passover And The Greatest Commandment

There are many teachings of God in the bible and Jesus summarized the teaching into two commands that we should keep to enter into the eternal life. Then what are the two greatest commandments we must keep? And How can we keep those greatest commandments?

Two Commands For Eternal Life

When asked by an expert in the law of the way of eternal life, Jesus answered:

Luke 10: 25  On

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2000 years ago, God himself came down to this earth in the flesh and dwelt among his people. Even though there were many wise men, scholars, and philosophers in those days, nobody could recognize the Christ and receive him. If they could, they would have received the salvation and eternal life in heaven. Rather they rejected him and persecuted him, calling him as a man who claimed to be God. … Click to read more

Those Who Witnessed Miracles

If we look at the bible, we can see many instances when God revealed his glory and great power. And many people witnessed and could be saved through the belief they have in God and many others could not see the glory of God and rejected the words of God to their own destruction. Then according to the bible what kind of people could witness the glory of God and … Click to read more